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Welcome to Engineering UK 2014, our flagship report on the state of engineering in the UK

Report images/EngineeringUK20141.jpg (200 x 278)Now in its 16th year, our Engineering UK report has provided the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) community, government, businesses and third sector organisations with a compelling evidence base across the STEM continuum. 

There are two overriding messages from the report. Firstly, that Britain is great at engineering – its skilled engineers are world class and engineering makes a vital and valued contribution to the UK economy, and can help mitigate the grand global challenges of climate change, ageing populations, and supply of food, clean water and energy. Secondly, that the UK at all levels of education does not have either the current capacity or the rate of growth needed to meet the forecast demand for skilled engineers by 2020.

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The Engineering UK 2014 report can be accessed as a Flipping Book which is designed for the purpose of easy online reading, allowing the reader to flip backwards and forwards through pages. In addition you can also download a PDF version of the report from the Flip Book webpage to a PC/ note book/ e-reader.
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Recognising the importance and value of working in partnership, EngineeringUK would like to acknowledge the contributions and support of the following organisations to this year's edition:

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You can download an interactive PDF of 2013's report here.

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Download Engineering UK 2012

The Engineering UK 2012 report is interactive. The titles in the contents, content of figures and content of tables pages are all hypertext links. Clicking on one of these titles will take you straight through to the correct page. Each page also has a link at the bottom which takes you back to the contents page. In addition all web addresses in the footnotes are hypertext links to the appropriate website. To get the best results from this interactive feature you should go to View, in Acrobat, and select Page display – single page.

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