Face of Engineering

Inspiring tomorrow’s engineers

EngineeringUK has a clear ambition: to inspire more, and more diverse, young people into engineering.

By working together, we can reach and inspire the next generation of engineers. At EngineeringUK we share our expertise and insight, whilst working collaboratively across the engineering community to build our collective knowledge and impact. 

Let’s work together and inspire tomorrow’s engineers. 

Contact your local business partnership manager, Nicola Hope, to talk about how we can work together. [email protected]

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3 (free) ways to help attract more talent into manufacturing

1. Download Tomorrow’s Engineers resources  

Access the latest resources you need to get the most from your engineering education programmes, these include guides, webinars, tools, presentations etc. and are split into 4 main categories:


2. Sign The Tomorrow’s Engineers Code

Created to be flexible to support organisations both big and small, The Code is about working together to increase the diversity and number of young people entering engineering careers.

To achieve these goals, Signatories make 4 pledges about their approach to funding, designing, delivering, and learning from engineering outreach activities (including STEM programmes dedicated to inspiring young people into engineering):

  • Inspiring connection - programmes contribute to a sustained and rich STEM journey for all young people.
  • Driving inclusion - all young people have opportunities to engage in engineering-inspiration activities, so that no one is left behind.
  • Showcasing engineering - promoting a positive, compelling, and authentic view of engineering and showcasing the breadth of opportunities.
  • Improving impact - improving monitoring and evaluation of programmes and activities to develop a shared understanding of what works.


3. Showcase your engineering education activities to teachers on Neon

Neon is used by 30% of UK secondary schools and helps STEM teachers bring their subject to life. It showcases the UK's best engineering education experiences and inspiring careers resources from STEM outreach providers.
New ways to target specific schools that include young people

  • currently underrepresented in engineering and only showcase experiences to schools that meet the EngineeringUK EDI criteria
  • in specific geographical locations. Criteria include country (including all UK), region, local authority and town and only showcase experiences to teachers at schools in the selected geographical area