Engineering an economy that works for all

Apr 24, 2017

EngineeringUK worked together with 37 other organisations as part of the Engineering The Future alliance to produce a collective response to the Government’s Industrial Strategy green paper.

Engineering an economy that works for all was published this week and calls for government to ensure that any industrial strategy is long-term and embedded across all government departments. Crucially, with a general election imminent, we want to see cross-party consensus on the need to address the big issues, such as the skills gap that we know exists in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects.

Responding to the proposals in the green paper, the profession are calling for action to address the skills gap to begin with primary and secondary education. Government should ensure that the schools are funded, incentivised and inspected according to a framework that will nurture and develop engagement and attainment in STEM subjects.

Our response also makes clear that digital skills should be viewed as basic skills, within the UK’s advanced 21st century economy.

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