Engineering sporting success

Jul 3, 2018

With the World Cup in full swing and Wimbledon just starting, the sports fever has well and truly taken hold.

Many young people aspire to work in sport, but may not realise that engineering is a vital part of the industry and that it’s an area with many exciting engineering careers.

Engineers are in demand in the UK and they have fantastic earning potential at all levels. The skills that engineers develop – such as problem-solving, teamwork, project management and numeracy – are sought after by employers in practically every industry, meaning that engineers are highly employable and are easily able to transfer their skills to different areas.

Some specific examples of how engineering is involved in sport includes developing cutting-edge sports gadgets, creating smart fabrics and wearable tech, hawk eye technology, sports equipment manufacturing, building stadiums and data analysis (operational research) to work out fixture schedules and where to position fire exits in football stadiums.

There are lots of great resources and information on sport and engineering available for teachers and young people:

Case studies
Read about people with exciting jobs in sport - from building hi-tech artificial pitches and stadiums to creating gadgets to track our fitness and testing tennis balls and racket power. Find out more over on the Tomorrow’s Engineers website.

Careers resources
Teachers - why not use 2018 World Cup fever to deliver a fun lesson on how engineering and STEM is changing the future of football? Year of Engineering has partnered with FIFA to launch two free STEM resources to show students aged 11-14 that engineering underpins everything in the world around us and offers a career for everyone.

Online quiz
Take the Big Bang Whose Crew Are You? online quiz to find out which crew you belong to, watch videos and read case studies. The Sports Crew helps athletes improve their performance, researches how the body responds to exercise and designs high-tech equipment and sportswear. 

The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Competition is the UK’s top STEM competition for young people – any science, technology, engineering or maths project is welcome to apply and over the years many have been about sport in some way - previous projects have included investigations into how spin affects the flight of a tennis ball?, a pacing timer for swimmers and and designs for a modern, environmentally-friendly sports stadium.

Why not apply with your own project this year?


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