IMarEST Inspires Next Generation of Engineers with a Submarine Challenge

Apr 13, 2018

As part of its ongoing commitment to tackle the lack of engineering talent entering the marine industry and in support of the Year of Engineering, the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology is hosting a human-powered submarine challenge.

Taking place in July, university teams from around the world will be travelling to QinetiQ’s Ocean Basin in Gosport to take part in the fourth biennial European International Submarine Races. Students will design, build and race human-powered submarines through a demanding underwater slalom course during the unique engineering and sporting challenge.

The rules for the challenge are simple: teams must design, build and race flooded submarines piloted by a single scuba diver (who must provide all the propulsive power) enclosed in the hull. There are no other design constraints.

The challenge draws talented engineers into the marine sector cultivating skills in the students which will be needed in their careers, such as leadership, problem-solving and working to strict deadlines. The creativity and invention in the submarine designs serves as a unique way to inspire schoolchildren into STEM subjects. Alongside the race event an Open Day will include fun science and engineering activities for kids and an engineering themed Careers Fair for the older children. There will also be an opportunity to meet the teams and see close-up how the individual submarines in the competition work.

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