EngineeringUK’s Kickstarters reflect on their journey

Jan 6, 2022

The Kickstart Scheme provides 6-month paid job opportunities for young people to gain experience of working in some of Britain’s most exciting companies and organisations, funded by the government.

Being passionate about making a positive difference to young people’s lives, it was a natural choice for EngineeringUK to support the Kickstart Scheme. With support from the National Skills Academy for Rail (NSAR), 3 exciting new positions for young people were created in the finance, business and engagement projects teams.

NSAR have supported EngineeringUK from the beginning of the Kickstart journey, starting with job centre visits to meet with interested young people, and supporting them through the recruitment process.

The Kickstarters

Abdul joined EngineeringUK in July as a business administration assistant, followed in September by Yassir as the engagement projects team assistant, and Milad in the finance and business services assistant role. All 3 have described their experience so far as ‘amazing’.

Abdul has a growing passion for software development and technology and has been given a fantastic opportunity working with the web development team, with a focus on the Big Bang website. Abdul said: “Becoming a Kickstarter has been amazing for me as a young individual. EngineeringUK and NSAR have opened a doorway to me which has allowed me to start my career and focus on what I want to do in the future.”

Yassir’s placement has given him the confidence to map out the next steps in his career journey and is currently looking at university options to complete his degree in mechanical engineering. Yassir said: “EngineeringUK and NSAR have helped me a lot, not only in developing my skills as a professional but also in providing me with the tailored support and guidance which has been insurmountable, helping me grow as a person. The Kickstart scheme is brilliant and I hope more young people can have the opportunity to move forward in their career.”

Lauren Crawford, Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion at EngineeringUK commented: “The Kickstart initiative has been great for us and the young people. We have learned a lot and will be reviewing these learnings to see how we can incorporate them into opportunities for young people in the future.

Neil Robertson, Chief Executive of NSAR, said: “It has been fantastic working closely with EngineeringUK on this amazing initiative. NSAR are proud to be supporting EngineeringUK and the young people, and I look forward to hearing from Yassir, Abdul and Milad as they move forward in their careers.”

Dr Hilary Leevers, Chief Executive of EngineeringUK, said: “We were really keen to bring more young workers into the organisation to give them opportunities and also help us gain from their perspectives, especially given our work with children and young adults. The Kickstart scheme, with NSAR’s help, provided us with a great opportunity to directly support three young people through the pandemic and everyone at EngineeringUK has been pleased to be involved. We’re looking forward to seeing what happens next for Abdul, Yassir and Milad and the success of their placements has encouraged us to continue to support young people in a similar way in the future.”

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