It’s time to shout loudly about the attractions of engineering careers

Jan 17, 2022

EngineeringUK Chief Executive, Dr Hilary Leevers writes in this month’s The Engineer about setting out a new year’s vision for the engineering community.

“Two years into a global pandemic and much has changed – from how we conduct day-to-day business to how we travel and work with others. One thing that remains the same is our need to demystify what an engineer does to encourage young people to consider engineering as a possible career. Our latest survey found that less than half of teachers and under a third of parents are confident in giving engineering careers advice. This needs to be resolved.

“With the government ramping up the rhetoric of the UK being a scientific superpower to tackle climate change and achieve net zero, the engineering sector could be forgiven for asking, what about us? Rarely is the word ‘engineering’ uttered by policymakers – although I have to believe that they mean ‘and engineering’ most of the time they say science. It’s great to hear technology frequently being mentioned but it’s clear that none of the policy and societal goals will be possible without the ‘E’ in STEM also being recognised and engineers playing their part.

“Let’s seize the new year spirit and make a pact to turn up the volume and start talking, shouting about engineering.”


Read the full opinion piece on The Engineer website.

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