Beatrice Barleon

What I Do

I joined EngineeringUK in February 2020 to head up the policy and public affairs function. My team is responsible for developing policy positions in relation to STEM education and skills and for promoting our positions to government and other external stakeholders. We work in close collaboration with others across the sector, and internally, to ensure that we have an education and skills system that inspires and enables more young people to work in engineering and technology. I am proud of what my team has achieved over the last few years.


STEM careers provision and policy.

Bio & Background

Before joining EngineeringUK, I was working in the charity sector for over 10 years in a range of policy, campaigning and public affairs functions, working on issues ranging from women’s representation in politics to improving employment opportunities for disabled people, including access to apprenticeships. I am passionate about improving employment and skills opportunities for all and about creating an education and skills system that equips young people in the UK with the skills they, and the country, need to succeed.


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