Joanna Henderson Abraham

What I Do

My role at EngineeringUK is to identify, research and engage with new organisations to collaborate with on our engagement programmes including the Big Bang suite, new programmes, and activities linked to Tomorrow’s Engineers Code. The team and I promote the importance of paying forward and investing in young people’s careers education sooner rather than later, to help address an unfortunately common skills shortage issue faced across many industries.


Impactful STEM outreach, inspiring the next generation, partnership working.

Bio & Background

Before joining EngineeringUK I worked at the British Chambers of Commerce for over three years securing sponsorship for local and national events, publications and digital channels. Prior to this I worked at the Royal College of General Practitioners leading on event sponsorship and have held various roles in the commercial sector. I’m really pleased to be able to utilise the skills I have acquired during my career on a really important issue.


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