Purpose and values

Diagram showing the Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values of EngineeringUK

Our purpose

To drive change so more young people choose engineering and technology careers.

Our vision

The UK has the diverse workforce needed for engineering and technology to thrive and to drive economic prosperity, improve sustainability and achieve net zero.

Our mission

EngineeringUK will enable more young people from all backgrounds to be inspired, informed and progress into engineering and technology.

Our values

We apply these values to everything we do:

We are inclusive and care about diversity. We understand that we have different needs and create opportunities for everyone's voice to be heard.

We are collaborative. We listen, share and work in partnership to achieve our vision.

We are curious and keen to learn. We challenge ourselves and others to innovate and experiment.

We are insightful. We evaluate what we do and draw on research to make decisions and to improve our collective understanding.

We are driven by a strong sense of purpose. We are determined to make an impact and achieve our goals.