Siemens - building enthusiasm, engagement and encouragement

Date: 21 May 2021

"Working together to build a better future in engineering careers"

Siemens has been a corporate member of EngineeringUK for over 10 years. We interviewed their UK Education Development Manager, Brenda Yearsley, who shared how Siemens is building enthusiasm, engagement and encouragement to help young people pursue careers in engineering.

Brenda is responsible for the national Siemens Education portfolio, working with stakeholders to attract, encourage and engage young people into choosing STEM and sustainability curriculum options and careers in engineering/technology. She sits on the EngineeringUK Business and Industry Panel, BiTC Curriculum Taskforce, Northern Powerhouse Education & Skills Committee, MTA Education and Technical Committee and Awarding Body Strategic Advisory Boards.

Transform and improve lives

"Siemens’ vision for this year and beyond is to transform the everyday and inspire the next generation. Our digital equipment and software, renewable energy, network infrastructure and healthcare solutions show young people the possibilities and great things we can achieve in the world through engineering. As an employer we are passionate about encouraging young people to pursue a career across the breadth of technology and engineering with real-life examples, outreach programmes and activities and volunteering in schools. We want to build and provide rewarding careers, skills and experiences in engineering to transform and improve their lives."

Inspiring the next generation

"We started working with EngineeringUK to focus on engineering skills, there was a shortage of traditional skills and issues with quality and quantity. We believed we could have a greater impact on the skills agenda if we partnered with a like-minded organisation. Over the years, we have combined our efforts and influence in shaping key policy and investment that the UK needs to be successful. Our shared mutual application and focus has enabled us to drive the skills agenda and have a direct impact on inspiring the next generation."

Reach and Impact

"Through building a cross industry network and partnership with EngineeringUK we’re able to work with other organisations from various sectors that we wouldn’t typically engage with. Having access to a shared and open knowledge bank through the Business and Industry Panel meetings as well as regional support from our dedicated Business Partnership Manager has strengthened our reach and impact.

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