We have a variety of experienced spokespeople available for media work. Whether you’re looking for broadcast and radio interviewees, event speakers or contributors for op-eds and thought leadership – our press office team will be happy to support you with your requirements. Here you’ll find an overview of our available spokespeople, including their areas of expertise and biography.

Dr Hilary Leevers (she/her)

Chief Executive

Specialisms: Equality, diversity and inclusion, the engineering workforce and outreach

Beth Elgood (she/her)

Director, Communications

Specialisms: The Big Bang and Tomorrow's Engineers

Phillip McShane (he/him)

Associate Director – Big Bang Programme

Specialisms: Big Bang and collaboration

Dr Claudia Mollidor (she/her)

Head of Research and Evaluation (on maternity leave)

Specialism: Research and evaluation

Beatrice Barleon (she/her)

Head of Public Affairs and Policy

Specialisms: STEM careers provision and policy

Eleanor Eyre (she/her)

Head of Careers

Specialisms: Inspiring the next generation and resources for schools

Daniel Powell (he/him)

Head of Neon

Specialisms: Neon and impactful STEM outreach

Emma Diserens (she/her)

Head of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion – Programmes (on maternity leave)

Specialisms: Equality, diversity and inclusion and impactful STEM outreach

Michael Hardisty (he/him)

Head of Environmental Sustainability

Specialism: Environmental Sustainability

Naomi Gilmour (she/her)

Head of Engagement Projects (on maternity leave)

Specialisms: Energy Quest, Robotics Challenge and impactful STEM outreach

Tamzin Caffrey (she/her)

Head of Communications

Specialisms: Inspiring the next generation and Neon

Moira Shaftoe (she/her)

Head of Professional Institutions and Partnerships

Specialisms: Impactful STEM outreach and collaboration

Joanna Henderson Abraham (she/her)

Head of New Customers Partnerships & Markets

Specialisms: Impactful STEM outreach, inspiring the next generation, partnership working

Karen Woodward (she/her)

Corporate Relationships Manager

Specialisms: Collaboration, partnership working and the Tomorrow's Engineers Code

Jane Campbell (she/her)

Corporate Relationships Manager

Specialisms: The Tomorrow's Engineers Code and partnership working