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Minerals Matter

Minerals Matter is the mineral products industry’s approach to inspiring people into considering a career within the sector and addressing associated industry challenges such as apprenticeship provision, standards and education. We aim to amplify industry voice and develop closer relationships with stakeholders and government to address priorities around skills, standards, succession, diversity, and inclusion.

Facilitated by the Mineral Products Qualifications Council (MPQC) for the sector, we work with a range of partners, industry bodies, employers, national and independent operators, education and training providers, local authorities, local enterprise partners (LEPs) and government agencies.

The quarrying and mineral products industry is the UK’s largest manufacturing sector. It’s the bedrock of construction and the built environment, from extracting and processing minerals to making building materials. It also supports many vital sectors such as agriculture, automotive, pharmaceuticals and technology. The minerals industry plays a vital part in our everyday lives. Mineral products are all around you. From your phone and TV screen, the glasses and cutlery you use daily, to the roads, cars, trains, buildings and built environment, they’re everywhere.