A virtual STEM bookshelf

Sep 13, 2021

The IET Bookshelf

Fuelled by a passion for reading up-to-the minute books containing insights into STEM related subjects, the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) have collaborated with contemporary expert authors to produce a brand-new virtual book club called The IET Bookshelf.

Each episode they will be chatting to a different author, going beyond their book to find out what inspired them, and will be opening the virtual floor to questions from the audience watching at home.

Starting at 5pm on 22 September the first book on the shelf is The Future You by engineer and futurist Brian David Johnson. The future is Brian David Johnson’s business and in his latest book, The Future You, he shows how you can make it your business too.

He says “Imagination is the number one underutilised skill in engineering. Nothing great was built by humans that wasn't imagined first,” and is sure to be a great first guest.

Upcoming sessions will include quantum physicist and novelist, Femi Fadugba talking about his novel “The Upper World”, author of “Magnificent Women and Their Revolutionary Machines” Henrietta Heald will be talking about the women who created the Women's Engineering Society in 1919 and Lewis Dartnell, Professor of Science Communication at the University of Westminster, will be talking about rebuilding a society from scratch - the focus of his recent book “The Knowledge”.

To take part visit the IET Bookshelf at 5pm (BST) on 22 Sept, or visit ahead of time to submit a question.

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