A year of magic at Big Bang at School

Jul 28, 2022

The academic year has come to an end, and schools and teachers have been busy creating their own Big Bang excitement with Big Bang at School.

Big Bang at School aims to bring the magic of the Big Bang straight to the classroom, to support and inspire young people across the UK. The programme has brought inspiring activities, hands-on workshops and spectacular shows to over 50 schools this year. The Big Bang has worked closely with its delivery partners to support schools to host their own inspiring STEM day tailored to their students’ needs and interests.

Whether students are interested in becoming the next future app designers, athletes, astronauts or artists – Big Bang at School supports them to get creative and find their flair for STEM.

Feedback from teachers involved in Big Bang at School

Teachers were surveyed at Big Bang at School events, and here’s some interesting results:

  • 9 in 10 agreed or strongly agreed that Big Bang at School was engaging for their students
  • 88% agreed or strongly agreed that Big Bang at School was accessible to students of all abilities in STEM subjects

Teachers also shared with us their highlights from across the year:

“For us, particularly as a small school, the ‘Big Bang’ science day gave our children the opportunity to widen their experiences and motivated them to ask challenging open-ended questions; ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘what’, to extend their own knowledge and interest.” - Mrs Creed

“The children had such a wonderful day. They said that even though they didn’t win a prize, they felt like they were still winners because they had the best day. They were really proud of their achievements and it has done wonders for their confidence.” - Mrs Brown

“What a fantastic experience for both staff and pupils! So well thought out and organised. Delivered with passion. Thank you for the opportunity!” - Mrs McManus

Get involved in the Big Bang excitement

We can’t wait to see what schools get up to next year - Big Bang at School could be the start of an extraordinary journey for teachers and their students.

If you’re interested in hosting your own Big Bang at School, please email the Big Bang at School team with the name of your school and why you would like to take part. Find out more on the Big Bang website.

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