Big Bang Digital 2021: Redefine the future

May 11, 2021

Big Bang Digital will be back for a second year (23 to 25 June), inspiring young people to redefine the future and change the world with STEM.

Covering topics such as climate change, technology, medicine, food production and energy, the online event will challenge students to explore solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing the world and discover amazing new developments they could become part of.

Inspiring and interactive sessions

Big Bang Digital will be packed full of exciting, interactive sessions where students will hear from inspirational role models, get opportunities to ask questions and find out how to help build a sustainable future with STEM. For example:

• Climate crisis? It’s time to make a difference!
• Changing lives - a career in STEM
• More than a road – how road builders make decisions about nature
• The journey to a greener future
• Mission to Mars

…and with many more being added all the time!

At the end of Big Bang Digital 2020, 80% of the young people watching said they would now consider a future career in science, technology or engineering - a brilliant example of how inspiring this event will be.

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