Bright ideas for future energy

Jun 21, 2019

An innovative approach to generating energy has seen a team from Atrium Studio School, Newton Abbot, crowned National Champions of The Bright Ideas Challenge. The idea, which essentially puts a small turbine that goes on the end of a tap to generate energy when water flows through it, was from 1 of 14 student groups whose ideas were turned into prototypes as part of the national finals.

The Bright Ideas Challenge (which is also part of Tomorrow’s Engineers Energy Quest) is Shell’s popular cross-curricular schools’ competition, which sees teams of students imagine innovative solutions that could one day power our future cities. The champions win £5,000 for STEM in their school.

An Energy Quest team came up with the idea of capturing the kinetic energy of trains to create a large source of sustainable energy, indeed almost enough power the trains themselves. The team from The Petersfield School were placed in the top 5, meaning they win £1,000 to take back to school.

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