EngineeringUK partners with Tech She Can to continue efforts towards an equal future

Jan 9, 2023

EngineeringUK has joined Tech She Can as a supporter to continue efforts to engage young people from groups underrepresented in the engineering sector, particularly young women and girls.

Tech She Can is a charity, working together with industry, government and schools to improve the ratio of women in technology roles. Tech She Can’s mission is to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in developing technology, and for women to play an equal role in how our world works, looks, thinks and feels. This aligns with EngineeringUK’s ambitions to inform and inspire young people from all backgrounds about careers in engineering and technology.

EngineeringUK joins over 240 organisations who are members of Tech She Can. As a member, we commit to the following:

1. Collectively work with schools across the UK to educate and inspire students and teachers about technology and technology careers.

2. Maximise our impact by targeting schools in the government’s social mobility ‘cold spot’ areas.

3. Celebrate and promote successful women in technology role models at all levels.

4. Ensure inclusive access to technology training and technology roles within our own organisations.

5. Create the right environment to attract, retain and advance women in technology in our own organisation.

6. Share best practice across education, business, and government.

Creating a diverse future workforce

Tech She Can is a Signatory of The Tomorrow’s Engineers Code, a commitment to work toward common goals to increase the number and diversity of young people entering engineering and technology careers. Managed by EngineeringUK, The Code community is made up of over 200 organisations who are committed to the 4 pledges: inspiring connection, driving inclusion, showcasing engineering and improving impact.

Melanie Washington, Director of Engagement Projects at EngineeringUK, said: “At EngineeringUK we strive to reach young people from those groupsunderrepresented in engineering to ultimately create the diverse workforce the UK needs to thrive. Partnering with Tech She Can supports these efforts by engaging more girls and young women in the industry. We’re looking forward to collaborating with them so that we can align our efforts and grow our collective impact.”

Find out more about Tech She Can and its members.

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