EngineeringUK responds to 'mini-budget'

Sep 23, 2022

EngineeringUK has issued this statement from Chief Executive, Dr Hilary Leevers, in response to the mini-budget unveiled today:

‘We welcome the focus on growth and energy security in today’s ‘mini budget’ and we look forward to finding out more about the planned infrastructure projects announced today to help us understand what this will mean for the demand on engineering and technology skills.

'To enable businesses to grow and for the UK to achieve greater energy independence in a sustainable way going forward, engineering and technology businesses need more skilled people now and in the future. We regularly hear from engineering and technology businesses about how much they struggle to recruit apprentices and skilled workers and how this limits their ability to deliver, take risks and grow.

‘A good STEM education and skills system is vital for UK businesses to succeed. We therefore urge government to now focus on developing a STEM education and skills strategy that addresses challenges including teacher recruitment and retention, targeted support for the delivery of technical qualifications and greater investment in STEM careers provision in schools and colleges.'

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