EngineeringUK response to levelling up white paper

Feb 2, 2022

“We welcome the long-term vision of the levelling up white paper and its recognition of the importance of education and skills in ensuring opportunity is spread more equally across the country. As the paper rightly recognises ‘human capital’ is vital to the long-term success of this country. Ensuring that all young people regardless of where they live, and their background, have the opportunity to succeed must always be central to that ambition.

We also welcome the future skills unit and the engineering voice on the levelling up advisory council. Together with the wider engineering sector, we have long argued for government to have a better central understanding of the skills gaps in this country, enabling more targeted policies to fill those gaps. The engineering sector has for a long-time struggled with skills shortages and this provides a real opportunity to address those challenges.

The white paper rightly identifies many of the challenges the country faces and brings together in a more coherent format the policies that already exist to address those, as well as announce some new ones. We now look forward to working with the different departments and the levelling up advisory council to develop some of the detail that will ensure that we as a country provide young people with STEM skills that they need in order to access the sectors that will create the jobs of tomorrow wherever they are.”


Read the EngineeringUK Levelling up engineering skills briefing



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