Engineers remain on UK skills shortage list

May 30, 2019


Following a review by the Migration Advisory Committee, a range of engineering roles have been included in the recommended Shortage Occupation List (SOL). The list covers skilled roles where it is considered sensible to try to address shortages through migration and effectively makes it easier to recruit from the international talent pool.

The updated list includes civil, mechanical, electrical and electronics engineers as well as production and process engineers and reflects the evidence submitted by EngineeringUK and the Engineering Council at the start of the year.

We identified 10 engineering occupations on the current SOL that, based on our demand forecast, we expect to have the largest increase in employment levels between 2014 and 2024. These occupations are both currently deemed to be in shortage and expected to be significantly in demand in the coming years.  

The core and related engineering occupations included in the list are:

  • architects
  • civil engineers
  • design and development engineers
  • electrical engineers
  • electronics engineers
  • electrical and electronic trades not elsewhere classified
  • engineering professionals not elsewhere classified
  • mechanical engineers
  • production and process engineers
  • programmers and software development professionals
  • information technology and telecommunications professionals not elsewhere classified
  • IT business analysts; architects and systems designers
  • quality control and planning engineers
  • web design and development professionals
  • welding trades

Read the full review of the shortage occupation list, May 2019

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