Heroes celebrated on World Engineering Day

Mar 4, 2022

In recognition of World Engineering Day, the Royal Academy of Engineering has launched 4 new, inspirational films. This latest release, in partnership with BecomingX and Amazon, is part of the This is Engineering campaign about pioneering engineers and engineering champions who have overcome adversity to become changemakers. These films showcase the role of engineering in space travel, healthcare and protecting the environment. 

World Engineering Day is the UNESCO’s celebratory day to recognise the work engineers are doing to help people and the planet.

The engineering heroes are:   

  • Tim Peake - astronaut and pilot
  • Prof Frances Arnold - rebellious teenager turned Nobel Prize winner 
  • Prof Robert Langer - pioneering chemical engineer and prize winner who has shaped brain cancer treatment  
  • Nanxi Liu - young entrepreneur, app creator and vaccine saviour 

The films tell their stories and how engineering has shaped their lives, and the world.

Watch the films


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