How we can achieve full equality, diversity and inclusion in engineering

Mar 28, 2022

The Future of Manufacturing campaign launches in The Guardian and online in Business and Industry today. As part of this campaign, EngineeringUK’s Chief Executive, Dr Hilary Leevers, has written a piece about how the engineering community can achieve full equality, diversity and inclusion through collaboration and sharing insight.

The aim of the campaign is to celebrate the importance of the manufacturing sector to the UK economy, examining key challenges in the industry such as sustainability, supply chain resilience and skills shortages. It will stress the importance for technology, innovation and investment in the sector, highlighting best case practices.

“We must ensure that engineering is a career choice that attracts the next generation, retains those working in engineering and that we respond to the needs of women who have left engineering and actively bring them back.”

Hilary places emphasis on making engineering a sector that is attractive to everyone from different backgrounds to ensure we are able to quicken the pace of change and build a workforce that allows the UK to thrive.

Read the full opinion piece on the Business and Industry website.

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