Inspirational figures join Big Bang Digital

Jun 21, 2021


Students will have the chance to put their questions to leading scientists Dame Professor Sarah Gilbert, Dr Harpeet Sood and Sir Jeremy Farrar at a Big Bang Digital session called ‘Ask an expert:life after Covid-19’.

Professor Gilbert, creator of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine against Covid-19, has been making and testing vaccines for over 10 years. She has said the Oxford vaccine was designed “over the weekend” after details of the genetic structure of the new virus was published. She will appear alongside Dr Harpeet Sood, a Clinical Advisor for the Covid-19 vaccine programme, a GP and a board member at Health Education England. They join Sir Jeremy Farrar, Director of the Wellcome Trust and member of SAGE, who returns to Big Bang Digital this year to answer questions at 10.30am on Wednesday 23 June. Schools can register for this event and other sessions at Big Bang Digital and put their questions to them live on air.  


Meet inspiring female engineers
International Women in Engineering Day also takes place on Wednesday and students will have the opportunity to hear from inspirational role models as part of the ‘Meet the future you’ careers panel. This interactive event starts at 11.15am and will feature technicians and engineers from a diverse range of backgrounds, with different job roles and credentials including a materials engineer working on the latest luxury super cars and a software engineer for the BBC. Hosted by Ortis Deley, presenter of The Gadget Show, the session will feature 5 female engineers and students can ask them about their career highlights, challenges, the route they took and their advice for young people who want to pursue a career in STEM.  


Technology for a changing world
Thursday’s Big Bang Digital sessions are hosted by TV presenter Georgie Barratt and the focus is on ‘Technology changing the world’. The ‘Meet the future you’ session at 11.15am will look at how technology is building a brighter future and will include software engineers and medical engineers on the panel. To join session host Fayon Dixon for this 30-minute, interactive show, schools need to register so they can put their students’ questions to the panel.  


Engineering and climate change
The final day of Big Bang Digital is hosted by Paralympian, actor and TV presenter Ade Adepitan and will be focused on climate change and the environment. The ‘Meet the future you’ careers panel on Friday at 11.15am will include an engineer creating cleaner ways to cook in developing countries as well as a scientist exploring animal behaviour. To join session host Fayon Dixon for this 30-minute, interactive show, schools need to register so they can put their students’ questions to the panel.  

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