Inspire young people with good quality work experience

Apr 24, 2023

A smiling young woman wearing PPE on a construction site

This week the UK is celebrating National Work Experience Week (24 to 28 April). In her latest column for The Engineer, our Chief Executive Dr Hilary Leevers looks at the changing landscape of work experience and the role it plays in securing the future workforce.

Work experience provides tangible benefits for both young people and employers, however, not enough young people have access to high quality work experience opportunities and we need to change this.

The school-to-work transition can be a challenging time for young people, especially if they haven’t had any experience of the workplace or the chance to explore career opportunities available to them. Equally, it can present challenges for businesses who employ young people with very limited experience of the working world. Work experience is an important part of bridging this gap. It not only gives young people a taste of the world of work, but it also helps them to develop essential skills, motivation and confidence.

When it comes to the engineering sector and securing the skilled workforce for the future, we need to take the importance of work experience more seriously and grow the opportunities available to young people…

Read the full column on The Engineer’s website.

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