Inspiring outreach professionals at the train-the-trainer workshop

Mar 11, 2022

Last week, EngineeringUK, Neon and the Tomorrow’s Engineers Code hosted a train-the-trainer workshop on how to talk about engineering careers with young people, followed by a live Q&A and breakout sessions to put learning into practice.

The workshop leader was Eleanor Eyre, Head of Careers at EngineeringUK and qualified careers adviser. Eleanor recently presented a webinar on talking about careers where she shared her expert knowledge on how to engage with young people and explain engineering careers in an exciting way.

This train-the-trainer workshop was open to everyone and showcased to outreach professionals of how best to engage with young people about engineering careers, in a way that reflects their interests and way of learning.

Engineering is a career for anyone

Through showcasing the breadth of engineering, Eleanor shared her top tips with viewers at the workshop to make sure their future outreach activities and discussions with young people have an impact.

Some interesting considerations:

  • Introduce yourself by showcasing the ‘whole person’
  • Who are relatable role models in the engineering community?
  • Get the students to take the Meet the future you quiz
  • Describe the various routes into an engineering career and how there is a pathway for everyone

Inclusivity is key

Eleanor encouraged the workshop attendees to be authentic and build outreach activities using their personal experience. Making the activities realistic and reflective of young people’s interests is important to engage with them.

She also explained the importance of the activity leaders to be inclusive in their approach by encouraging everyone from different backgrounds to participate and involve students who might have additional needs. Personalising the activity is what makes it impactful and inspiring for the young people.

Watch the recording of the train-the-trainer workshop.

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