Inspiring young people to be climate heroes

Nov 9, 2021

EngineeringUK Chief Executive Dr Hilary Leevers writes in this month’s The Engineer about young people’s ideas on achieving net zero and discusses the importance of encouraging them to pursue careers in engineering.

“This month we see Glasgow host the UN Climate Change Conference COP26. It is a widely anticipated event that has seen a plethora of media coverage and organisations from across the globe using it as an opportunity to discuss their plans as to how we can achieve net zero and a sustainable, greener future by 2050. It brings climate change back to the top of the agenda for many following the truly turbulent time of the pandemic. 

For me, the focus has to be on the next and future generations and the world that they will be living in. Engineers will be at the heart of shaping this world and I know that they are already working to come up with workable solutions addressing the range of problems, such as how to generate affordable and sustainable energy, predict and prepare for extreme weather events and ready our cities for the future. 

It is vital that we convey to young people the range of creative, problem solving and exciting engineering roles that they could occupy, contributing to achieving net zero and a greener world. They need to see their opportunity to help solve our biggest global challenges and have a seat at the table of prioritising work to address their greatest concerns.” 


Read the full opinion piece on The Engineer website.

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