Latest Engineering Brand Monitor focuses on STEM teachers

Dec 1, 2021

Female STEM teacher

EngineeringUK has published Engineering Brand Monitor, STEM secondary school teachers, a report which examines their knowledge and understanding of engineering and the extent to which they feel able and are motivated to provide related careers guidance and activities to their students.

EngineeringUK has run the Engineering Brand Monitor survey annually since 2010, asking young people aged 7 to 19, parents and STEM secondary school teachers about their perceptions, understanding, and knowledge of STEM and engineering. For the first time, the report focuses on STEM secondary school teachers to understand how we can better support teachers to ensure all young people, whatever their background, are encouraged to consider a future in STEM and engineering.

The report shows that while knowledge of engineering and confidence in giving careers advice was generally high, a large proportion of teachers are not currently embedding careers information into their STEM lessons. The data suggests there is some work to be done to improve the careers information and advice teachers are providing and that they need more support to enable them to improve the STEM experience for students in school.

In the foreword of the report, Dr Hilary Leevers, Chief Executive of EngineeringUK, said:

“Teachers can be hugely influential in the lives of their students, not only in helping them to succeed academically but also in exposing them to ideas they might not otherwise encounter and encouraging and guiding them to a bright future. We know from our research with young people that teachers are often their go-to source for advice on education and career choices – and that such advice has only grown more important with the disruptions and uncertainties brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We hope that the insights from this report drive government, industry and all supporters of engineering into action to better support schools and teachers to deliver quality STEM careers provision and to inspire employers to engage with STEM outreach – and in doing so, to ultimately grow the talented and diverse engineering workforce essential to our future.”

Read the Engineering Brand Monitor 2021, STEM secondary school teachers report

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