Launch of new equality, diversity and inclusion bursaries

Feb 17, 2022

EngineeringUK are proud to have launched a range of bursaries to schools who work with young people from groups who are under-represented in the engineering profession. This is to support these schools to involve more young people in STEM and engineering engagement programmes or enhance the experience for these young people.

This academic year our bursaries are available for the EEP Robotics Challenge, Big Bang at School and to engage with experiences on the Neon website. The bursaries are for schools who meet our EDI Criteria, which take into account free school meal eligibility, the proportion of ethnic minority students, those with special educational needs and rural locations.

What the bursaries can be spent on

The bursaries can be used very flexibly, including to:

  • pay for teacher or technician
  • purchase or lease equipment which is needed to deliver the programme or experience
  • buy material or resources needed to support the delivery of the programme or experience
  • travel to programme or experience
  • enhance the programme experience by purchasing additional digital content or in-person delivery
  • pay for an experience listed on Neon

Hear from previous bursary recipients

Schools across the UK have given feedback on how they have used their Neon bursary, and how it’s made a difference for their students.

Chris Atkinson, teacher at Thornleigh Salesian College in Bolton, said: “Using the bursary, we purchased some Lego SPIKE prime kits, and started a robotics club with year 8 and 10 students – it’s been fantastic. We put some days in the timetable to look at robotics and allow students to do some mini projects programming with Scratch and Python.

“The bursary has been so helpful in leading us on a path to do more with robotics and grow our expertise.”

Becky Holland, teacher at Preston Muslim Girls High School in Lancashire, said: “The bursary has given my budget a much-needed boost at a time when our finances are so stretched! We have had to cancel so many careers plans in the last year due to coronavirus restrictions. This extra money will be going towards all of those wonderful opportunities that our girls have missed out on in the last year.”

Amanda Moffat, teacher at Alderman Peel High School, said: “I found out about the bursaries as soon as I landed on the homepage, immediately applied, and heard back with the positive news very quickly. In our school we don’t have a STEM budget and any activity I put on for students comes out of my department budget, so any financial help is hugely appreciated. The application process was quick and easy - just brilliant for a busy teacher!”


Schools can apply for a Neon bursary until 28 February 2022.

Our EDI bursaries are funded by donations from a range of sources, all of which go to schools. Current funders include The Shell Centenary Scholarship Fund, individual donors and core funding from EngineeringUK.

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