Making blended learning work

Sep 2, 2021

EngineeringUK Chief Executive Dr Hilary Leevers writes in this month’s The Engineer about how digital learning can be incorporated into the traditional learning landscape for students.

“Education has been quite the rollercoaster for students, teachers and parents since March 2020. Those of us working with schools have had to pivot to digital while recognising that the activities that had been delivered face-to-face cannot simply be delivered online in the same way.

“Schools starting back this academic year – August for Scotland and September for England and Wales – will try and support a rounded education experience and prioritise face-to-face interactions, continuing to help students to catch up on the content they missed, or had shallow engagement with, during multiple periods of remote learning. There is an opportunity to capitalise on new ways of working and learning digitally, complementing traditional delivery. Leaders will undoubtedly also be keeping online approaches available to ensure resilience in case we face more disruption.”


Read the full opinion piece on The Engineer website.

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