New review published on STEM clubs increasing aspirations for engineering and tech careers

Dec 7, 2023

EngineeringUK has today released a new report which brings together the available evidence on STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) clubs and their ability to increase students’ aspirations for engineering and technology careers.

This rapid evidence review looks at the delivery mode, evaluation, and key findings from engineering and technology-related STEM clubs. Through summarising the existing evidence, the report aims to draw out learnings on STEM clubs that can be used by STEM outreach providers to raise aspirations around engineering and technology careers. 

Jess Di Simone, our Senior Evaluation Manager, explains “Given the limited presence of engineering and technology in school curriculums, high-quality STEM clubs can play a key role in complementing or broadening the STEM curriculum – thereby expanding young people’s aspirations for engineering and technology careers. So, it’s really important we understand how to make these initiatives as effective as possible.

“We hope the learnings in our report will be helpful for STEM outreach providers and will support efforts to increase the number of young people, from all backgrounds, entering the engineering and technology workforce.”

Some of the key learnings highlighted in the report include:

  • Engage students through practical activities – get students ‘doing engineering and technology’, rather than passively studying from a textbook
  • Engage experts in the design of club content – such as educational specialists and industry professionals who can ensure that activities are not only educationally enriching, but also closely aligned with current industry practices and trends
  • Involve role models in club activities - their involvement can expose students to educational or professional STEM pathways
  • Provide comprehensive training to teachers responsible for delivering club content - effective facilitators need to have the relevant skills to lead club activities and provide valuable support for students
  • Consider including competitive elements in clubs - has the potential to enhance engagement and foster a sense of enthusiasm and motivation among students

The full report - ‘Rapid Evidence Review - STEM clubs and their ability to increase students’ aspirations for engineering and technology careers’- is available to download at:



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