Power up your passion with Tomorrow’s Engineers Week

Jul 9, 2024

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week 2024 will take place from 11 to 15 November.

This year’s theme is Power up your passion. We have chosen this theme because we want
young people to think hard about how they can align their passions to a career in engineering
and technology. The industry is so broad we’re sure whatever they’re interested in there’s an
engineering and tech career for them!

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week is more than an annual campaign – it’s a nationwide celebration of engineering careers. We invite you to join us in igniting curiosity in young minds and informing the people they look to for advice. Based on last year’s success of reaching over 50,000 students throughout the week, this year’s aim is to reach and inspire even more students aged 11 to 14. Tomorrow’s Engineers Week is our chance to get these young people excited about what the world of engineering and technology has to offer people with their skills and passions.

To help you plan for and get involved in Tomorrow’s Engineers Week, we have created a toolkit for stakeholders, outlining different ways you can support at this stage.

How can you help us prepare for Tomorrow’s Engineers Week?

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week is our opportunity to shine a light on engineers and technicians, shaping young people’s perceptions of these careers. We’re looking for inspiring people at the start of their journey who are happy to share their insights on what it’s like in the early stages of a career in engineering and tech. We would particularly like to work with:

  • T Level students
  • Apprentices
  • Recent graduates

If you think you might be able to connect us with early career professionals or aspiring engineers or technicians, please get in touch by 7 August via [email protected].

Engaging with schools

To support the build-up to or during Tomorrow’s Engineers Week, we have pulled together a few ideas for activities you can do with young people to pique their interest.

Ideas include:

  • Power up your passion discussion points
  • Get ready for a great career lesson plan
  • Challenges to help students develop STEM projects

Find out more about how you can get involved and get guidance, please download the Tomorrow’s Engineers Week summer toolkit.

A full toolkit, assets and templates will be shared in the autumn giving further ideas and information for ways to engage with Tomorrow’s Engineers Week 2024.

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