Royal Academy launches Engineers 2030 project

Mar 28, 2024

The Royal Academy of Engineering, in partnership with the National Engineering Policy Centre, has launched a bold new policy project that aims to sets out a new vision for the engineers of the future.

The Engineers 2030 project will look at how engineering behaviours, knowledge, and skills are evolving in the 21st century and what will be needed in the future to attract, educate, hire and support engineers and technicians.

The ultimate aim of the campaign is to determine whether systems, policies and cultures in place currently in the UK are fit for purpose to deliver the engineering and technology workforce in the present moment and for the next 25 years.

At the launch event last week a public consultation was opened, along with the publication of 3 new reports looking forward to the changing face of engineering; ‘Engineers 2030: Vision and Principles’, ‘Report of Futures Workshops’, and ‘Sustainability in Engineering Higher Education’

The Royal Academy of Engineering is looking for widespread collaboration on this and is seeking engagement from a broad range of stakeholders across the UK to reflect the views of engineering skills, and the importance of safeguarding engineering talent into the future. Engineers 2030 is inviting educators, employers, professional bodies, practising engineers, technicians, as well as key actors of governments, business, and academia to take part in the consultation.

To get involved and share your ideas about how the face of engineering should evolve before 2030, respond to the consultation here: Engineers 2030.


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