Royal Academy of Engineering to launch Engineering ethics audit report

May 19, 2023

Commissioned by the Royal Academy of Engineering and delivered by GoodCorporation based on their survey of engineers, technicians, sector-based companies and professional bodies, the Engineering Ethics Audit will be launched during a webinar hosted on 14 June.

The online webinar will also include a response document detailing the profession’s reply to the report’s findings, alongside recommendations for the future.

The Engineering Ethics Audit was one of the actions from the original report, Engineering Ethics: Maintaining society’s trust in the engineering, which was published last year by the Engineering Ethics Reference Group (a group made up of the Engineering Council and Royal Academy of Engineering working together to ensure ethical culture and practice are embedded in the engineering profession). The GoodCorporation report notes areas of both strength and weakness in the current state of engineering ethics.

The webinar will be hosted by Dr Rhys Morgan, Director of Engineering and Education at the Royal Academy of Engineering. The full programme and registration details can be found at the Royal Academy website.

Register your place to take part.

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