Energy Quest for schools

Let us embed learning about energy sources and energy transfer

Help students uncover engineering skills they didn’t know they had with Energy Quest. This free workshop challenges young people to put themselves in the shoes of engineers to design a solution to power a mobile phone. 

At a glance
Designed for secondary students aged 11 to 14, Energy Quest unlocks students’ inner engineer as they explore sustainable energy sources. During an interactive workshop, they’re immersed in a real-life situation and challenged to save the day. They get the chance to meet real engineers and are supported to explore their own skills sets as they learn to use the engineering design process.


Fully linked to the curriculum, students gain an understanding of:

  • A range of sustainable energy sources and the role engineers play in green energy/sustainable technology
  • How to generate energy, and how they can work as a team to respond to a challenge
  • How their skills and interest can lead to a career in engineering

Helps deliver against Gatsby Benchmarks/I Can statements.

Brilliant opportunity to introduce students to relatable role models.

Great way to develop aspirations, teamworking and resilience.


Book a free workshop

Energy Quest is a free 2-hour workshop, delivered by a trained facilitator. Remote delivery can be requested for up to 30 students. 

We’re booking workshops for the summer term and beyond – get in touch today to reserve your spot!

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  • Room with space to complete practical activities.
  • Device that enables you to connect to an interactive whiteboard and wifi.
  • Access to basic science kit and a printer.