Skills Partnership

The EngineeringUK Skills Partnership is a network of businesses working together to grow the engineering talent pipeline. 

We want to inspire tomorrow's engineers through high quality engagement activities that offer opportunities to experience engineering first hand and to hear from and speak to engineers. We aim to create a positive and sustained transformation in their attitudes and help increase the take-up of subjects that create the pathways into engineering careers.

Our expert team works with a wide range of companies, of all sizes, across the UK to support them in addressing their future engineering talent needs by engaging with young people in the most effective, impactful ways.

Joining the EngineeringUK Skills Partnership will enable you to leverage insight and expertise to increase the impact of your own talent pipeline programmes and address your individual corporate needs and priorities. More broadly, you’ll also contribute to improving the quality of engineering engagement activity, widening the talent pool and developing a more skilled engineering workforce.

Knowledge and expertise

Our team has a comprehensive understanding of local and national skills needs and insight into the challenges you may face now and in the future. Many years’ experience developing and delivering outreach programmes and working with companies running STEM engagement mean we know what works well, along with common pitfalls to avoid.

We share with our partners our in-depth knowledge of how to overcome common and local challenges to achieve the most impact from engineering focused STEM engagement activities.

Networks and collaboration

At the heart of the EngineeringUK Skills Partnership is collaboration. Partners share insights and work together to avoid duplication of effort and improve overall reach and impact. Our network of small, medium and large businesses gives partners opportunities to meet other companies working in their region and/or nationally. They value this platform where they can work collaboratively, share insight, learn from others’ mistakes and take inspiration from their successes.

We regularly invite our partners to help shape our work, consulting on strategic direction as well as wider policy issues.

Bespoke strategic support

We help our partners with strategic development of their engineering focused STEM engagement programme including drawing on our schools data; identifying and signposting ways that create a structured STEM journey for schools and young people; driving up impact and keeping more young people in the talent pipeline. Your outreach activity needs to work for you, so our impartial support includes an annual review to help you benchmark, adapt and refine your activity to ensure it effectively contributes to your overall aims.

Tools and resources

We work with professional institutions and educators to develop resources that help bring engineering careers to life for young people. We have case studies showcasing inspiring people in a range of engineering roles; presentations and engagement activities for you to use; “how to” guides on hosting work experience and engaging your workforce in volunteering; and a series of booklets explaining the engineering industry and pathways into it. Our evaluation tools are available for our partners to use in the development and evaluation of their engineering outreach programmes.

Evidence and evaluation

Our work is data driven and we use the latest evidence to shape the work we do. Our comprehensive research and evaluation programme provides up-to-date insight into STEM skills in the UK, perceptions of engineers and engineering and the impact of interventions designed to inspire and educate the next generation. We share our research widely, while also offering some bespoke data analysis and the tools for partners to evaluate, benchmark and identify ways to improve the impact of their engagement activity.