Energy Quest

Energy Quest is a curriculum-linked programme for schools which encourages young people to find out all about sustainable energy and learn about associated engineering careers.


Funded by Shell, over the last six years EngineeringUK has developed Energy Quest into a well-received programme, reaching 215,000 young people through 3,150 sessions in 1,460 UK schools. Over the next 3 years EngineeringUK will be working with partners and funders to develop, test and evaluate different content and ways of delivery to maximise the programme’s impact on young people, particularly girls and other groups that are under-represented in the engineering profession.

Energy Quest is targeted at students aged 11 to 14 and is designed to unlock their inner engineer as they explore sustainable energy sources. The programme is designed to be inclusive and to make the workshop content accessible and young people played a key role in developing the content of the workshop.

Supporting the Energy Quest programme provides opportunities to:

  • Inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, helping them make informed subject choices to enable them to pursue engineering careers.
  • Build and extend strong local links with target schools.
  • Deliver diversity and inclusion strategies, encouraging young people from underrepresented backgrounds to consider a career in engineering.
  • Get staff to take part in an established and rewarding volunteers programme, developing training and presentation skills.


Please get in touch if you are interested in supporting the programme.