Consultation responses

EngineeringUK regularly responds to inquiries and calls for evidence by APPGs, committees, government departments as well as other stakeholders.

We work closely with others in the sector to provide insights from our own and third party research with the view to ensuring the voice of the wider engineering sector is being heard.   

We respond to APPG and Parliamentary Committee consultations as well as others, including party policy consultations.


All-Party Parliamentary Group consultations

  • APPG on Apprenticeships. Call for evidence on the impact of COVID-19 on apprenticeships (July 2020)
  • APPG on STEM & Diversity. Equity in the STEM workforce inquiry (Jan 2021)

Government consultations

  • Department for Transport: Transport Labour Market & Skills (May 2022)

Parliamentary Committee consultations

  • National Engineering Policy Centre (NEPC) response to House of Lords People and Skills in UK STEM Inquiry (Sept 2022)
  • Diversity in STEM, Science and Technology Committee (Jan 2022)
  • Education Committee Inquiry on careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) (March 2022)
  • Youth Unemployment Committee inquiry (May 2021)
  • Environmental Audit Committee Green Jobs Inquiry (Jan 2021)
  • Economic Affairs Committee Inquiry on Employment and Covid-19 (Sept 2020)
  • BEIS Select Committee Inquiry on Post-pandemic Economic Growth(July 2020)

Party policy consultations

  • Labour National Policy Forum (2022)
  • Labour National Policy Forum consultation: The education system after coronavirus (June 2020)
  • Labour National Policy Forum consultation: Economic renewal after coronavirus (June 2020)

Other consultations

  • Skills Commission Workforce of the Future Inquiry (Dec 2020)