Women in engineering and technology

Fewer women working in engineering and technology in 2023

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May 2024



Women in engineering report


What's covered

This briefing outlines the latest figures for those working in engineering and technology roles, and offers a spotlight on women.


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  • Professional Engineering Institutions
  • Employers
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Key findings

In 2023 there were:

  • 6.3 million people working in engineering and technology occupations, accounting 19.2% of the UK workforce.
  • The number of women working in engineering and tech has dropped by 38,000 – from 16.5% of the 2022 workforce to 15.7% of the 2023 workforce.
  • The fall in women in the engineering and tech workforce is driven by a fall of 66,000 between the ages of 35 to 64, indicating that women are not being retained.



"The sector as a whole needs to better understand why women are leaving and work harder to improve their retention, including creating opportunities for those who have left the profession to return. The various government skills taskforces must also ensure retention is core to the strategies they are working on."

   Dr Hilary Leevers, EngineeringUK CEO

"Having a diverse engineering sector ensures that we are better equipped to address the world's biggest problems. Major, complex challenges like sustainability requires a variety of minds, and lived experiences, contributing to solutions. It's why improving gender balance, as one measure of diversity, is vital for the success of organisations across the board."

   Carl Ennis, CEO of Siemens in the UK and Ireland

"In 2022 AtkinsRéalis published its 'Career Deflection Report' which brought national attention to some of the issues faced by women who are leaving the engineering profession at twice the rate of men. The findings of the report informed and led change within AtkinsRéalis – including the introduction of flexible bank holidays, enhanced parental leave and targeted training for women at all levels of the organisation – and prompted debate across a sector which must take responsibility and commit to change."

   Rebecca Crowther, Diversity and Inclusion Lead, AtkinsRéalis



Women in engineering report

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