Exam results 2023

These reports include attainment and entries for STEM subjects at A level, Scottish Advanced Highers and GCSEs for the 2022/23 academic year. For 2023 Ofqual confirmed a return to pre-pandemic grading. The implication is that students should be just as likely to achieve a particular grade in a subject in 2023 as they would have been in 2019.

Summer 2023, also saw the scond set of results published for the recently introduced T levels.


A level

  • Mathematics is still the most studied A level in 2023.
  • The proportion of entries for Physics has decreased and it has moved from the 8th most popular subject in 2019 to the 10th most popular subject in in 2023.
  • Female students outperform male students in 5 of the 10 STEM related subjects for the proportion achieving an A or A*.

Download A level and Scottish Advanced Highers 2023 exam results report.


T levels

  • Just under half of all young people who completed their T level course in 2023 studied an engineering and tech-related course (46%).
  • Only 9% of those completing their engineering and tech-related T levels were female.
  • Numbers of female students taking engineering and tech-related T levels is higher for the subjects in their second year of results, hopefully indicating a positive change going forward.

Download T level 2023 exam results report.



  • Computing (+11.6%) saw the largest increase across both numbers and percentage change since 2023.
  • Male students are more likely than female students to take optional STEM subjects at GCSE.
  • Although entries for female students in Computing, ICT, D&T, Construction, and Engineering are lower than male students, the attainment levels are higher.

Download the GCSE 2023 exams report