Policy asks for the next government

State of the nation 

Demand for engineering skills is soaring across all sectors. But we lack the supply of people and skills to meet the needs for infrastructure, decarbonisation and growth. 


state of the nation infographic


EngineeringUK’s policy priorities for the next government 

We want to see government commitment across 2 core areas of policy: workforce planning and STEM education and skills.


Strategic workforce planning 

We want the next government to take a more strategic approach to address skills shortages and the UK’s changing labour market needs, and for this to be led by the Cabinet Office or Treasury. We believe that consolidating the work of existing skills taskforces under a new cross-departmental skills committee will encourage collaboration and reduce silo-thinking.


We ask that the next government:

  • Establishes a National Engineering & Technology Workforce Strategy
  • Ensures a strategic approach to workforce planning based on workforce needs
  • Enhances diversity in the STEM workforce
  • Supports international talent via appropriate immigration and visa systems
  • Links STEM education and skills planning to the strategic workforce plan


Holistic STEM education and skills plan 

Linked to, and directly derived from the National Engineering & Technology Workforce Strategy, we want the new government to develop a holistic STEM education and skills plan, which will address issues and concerns in the education sector. We want the next government to focus of 4 critical areas: 

  • Grow and sustain engineering apprenticeships for young people

    Take action to grow and sustain the number and diversity of young people taking engineering apprenticeships. Break down barriers for young people and SMEs, ensuring the apprenticeship system is fit for the future.
  • Commit to T Levels

    Work collaboratively with STEM employers and sector bodies to grow the number of T Level industry placements. Continue to raise awareness of the benefits that T Levels can offer young people and employers. 

  • Improve STEM teacher recruitment, training and retention

    Take decisive action to address the serious STEM teacher shortages facing schools and further education providers. Ensure that teachers have the training and STEM subject specific CPD needed to deliver quality learning for young people.
  • Deliver on careers provision

    Publish a long-term careers strategy and ensure schools and colleges have the funding and up-to-date knowledge of 21st century engineering careers required to deliver effective STEM careers support to young people. 

Our policy asks in full 

To support the new administration, EngineeringUK have compiled all the compelling evidence to back each of our policy priorities. We have also identified areas of focus for the first 100 days, the first year as well as longer term plans for each policy priority. 

Read our policy asks in full