The economic impact of Covid-19 on UK engineering enterprise

In recognition of the extraordinary impact of Covid-19 pandemic on UK society, we have created a digital resource that tracks the economic implications on engineering in – as much as possible – ‘real time’.

Drawing from the Office for National Statistics from the Business Impacts of Covid Survey (BICS) and from the Index of Production, the dashboard below presents our analysis as a ‘story’, allowing you to scroll through different interactive graphs on a range of indicators, including:

  • proportion of businesses temporarily closed
  • turnover rates
  • difficulties in exporting and importing
  • job retention scheme and furloughed staff
  • gross Value Added (GVA) compared to the previous year

Using the dropdown menus and sliders, you can customise the data in a way most relevant to you (e.g. by specific time period and industries).

The different time periods available show how the picture has changed over time, and as more data becomes available, we will add different sources, and change the story accordingly.

Call for case studies

We will be updating and expanding upon this content as more data and evidence emerges and are particularly interested in highlighting the wide-ranging and often contrasting impact of the pandemic on specific industries.

Already, our analysis shows that engineering industries have been impacted in very different ways. For example, enterprise in certain manufacturing sub-sectors – such as of transport equipment and textiles – have been severely affected, with a -57% and -62% change in GVA in April 2020 as compared with April 2019. In contrast, the manufacture of basic pharmaceuticals have seen an overall +20% change in GVA in that same time period.

To that end, we are looking to include interviews/case studies with industry leaders on their views of the pandemic on their specific sector.

In particular, we would be interested in identifying industry leaders from the following engineering sectors to respond to up to 6 open-ended questions about what they believe the key opportunities and challenges will be for their sector, as well as the support they feel is needed to address and/or take full advantage of these. This may be followed by a short telephone interview, if required.

  • Oil and gas
  • Information and technology
  • Manufacturing in a range of sub-sectors, such as pharmaceuticals or transport equipment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Transport and infrastructure

If you are interested in providing an expert perspective on how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting your industry, please get in touch with Luke Armitage, Senior Research Analyst, at [email protected]

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