EDI Bursary Evaluation Report

In addition to targeting EDI criteria schools in its programme promotions, EngineeringUK established the EDI bursary scheme for schools that meet the EDI criteria. Bursaries were intended to help EDI schools overcome barriers to participation in EngineeringUK programmes and other activities listed on Neon, an EngineeringUK operated website allowing schools to search for relevant engineering engagement activities.

This report details the key findings and recommendations for future EDI bursaries.

Read our EDI bursary evaluation report here.


The Impact of the EngineeringUK EDI Criteria 2020/21

This report summarises the impact of the EngineeringUK EDI Criteria for 2020/21.

Download here.


Embedded Learning Teacher Survey: Headline Findings

This report summarises the main findings from EngineeringUK’s Embedded Learning Survey, which collects feedback from teachers who have taken their pupils to Big Bang and Tomorrow’s Engineers STEM engagement activities.

434 teachers whose pupils had attended a Big Bang or Tomorrow’s Engineers activity completed the Embedded Learning Survey between July 2018 and August 2019. Responses to the survey questions were based on the most recent event their pupils had attended over the preceding 12 months.

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Influencing Education Choices and Pathways: Literature Review

In 2019, EngineeringUK commissioned New Philanthropy Capital to undertake a rapid literature review of existing research on:

  • the factors that influence educational decision-making
  • evidence of this within the STEM context
  • gaps in evidence/knowledge across the educational and engineering disciplines
  • and existing evaluation and theories of change in relation to influencing education choices and pathways.

This briefing summarises those findings, alongside interviews with experts from the education and engineering outreach community.

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