Environmental sustainability

We want the UK to have the engineers needed to design and build an environmentally sustainable society. Through our environmental sustainability strategy, we will inspire more, and more diverse, young people into engineering roles that address environmental sustainability whilst also playing our part by operating in an increasingly sustainable way.

This work has 3 objectives:

  1. Grow our understanding of how to inspire young people into engineering to meet the workforce needs for environmental sustainability
  2. Inform and inspire young people so that more choose to make a positive impact on the environment through engineering careers
  3. Operate in an environmentally sustainable way, in our programme delivery and office (reducing resources used, energy, pollution and waste)


We have anaylsed current projections for green jobs and associated skills demand, publishing our findings and recommendations for government in the Net zero workforce briefing. We have also explored opinions on the link between environmental sustainability and engineering and show that this correlates with interest in engineering as a future career for young people.

Through Neon, Energy Quest and Tomorrow’s Engineers Week we showcase the positive impact of engineering on the environment and showcase a broad range of green jobs, encouraging young people to think about how a career in engineering could align with their interest in a sustainable future.

We are measuring our carbon footprint, across all elements of our work and introducing new approaches and considerations to help up operate more sustainably.