The Big Engineering Conversation

The Big Engineering Conversation

Let's talk, share ideas and think about how we can work together to inspire the next generation of engineers.

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No one organisation or campaign can reach everyone with the important message that engineering is all around us and offers a range of rewarding careers. Getting that message across to young people and the adults who influence them, breaking down stereotypes, debunking myths and giving a true picture of 21st century engineering are key to attracting the diverse new talent the industry needs to thrive.

How can working together accelerate efforts to engage more young people, what are the benefits of working alongside competitors and what do we really mean when we talk about collaboration?

Hear from members of the EngineeringUK team as well as voices from other organisations as we share insights on different types of partnership working and the importance of working together to maximise reach and drive up the impact of engineering outreach activity.

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The UK’s engineering sector is considerably less diverse than the general population, meaning many groups are under-represented in the workforce. With greater diversity of talent comes greater diversity of thought, but why is that important? And if some groups don’t traditionally enter engineering careers, how can we do things differently to encourage future generations to buck the trend?

Hear from members of the EngineeringUK team as well as voices from other organisations as we share insights on the importance of a more diverse engineering workforce and can all do to make the sector more representative.

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We’ve all had to adapt to new ways of doing things over the past year. With incredibly limited opportunities for face-to-face engagement, so many of us have had to come up with new ways to inspire young people - with both virtual and blended offers. What have we learnt from delivering engagement in a pandemic that we can all benefit from as we look to the future?

Hear from members of the EngineeringUK team as well as voices from other organisations as we share insights on what we’ve learnt delivering engagement activities in this unique year.

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— #BigEngConversation

Top tips for success

Fiona Dyer explains the four main learnings made by Shell on delivering STEM education during the pandemic.

Iterative development that puts users first

Charlotte Gage on the guiding principles that help ensure online platforms meet the changing needs of teachers and schools

A blended approach for progressive careers support

Marie Jobson on how a focus on the intent and aims is driving high impact careers activities.

Collaborating to develop inclusive experiences for all

Moira Shaftoe on working with Corporate Members to share learnings to develop effective virtual work experience for young people across the UK.

Creating hands-on activities for home learning

Emily Tench on adapting activities and exploiting digital formats to inspire young people and their families when schools were closed.

Launching an engagement platform in lockdown

Charlotte Gage on how Neon was redeveloped pre-launch to reflect changing needs of engineering outreach

Ensuring young people get the high quality careers education they deserve

Marie Jobson on slowing down to speed up as a strategic approach to developing programmes

Digital outreach is more than just going online

Phil McShane on building out from audience needs, listening to others and learning from other programmes

Learnings for virtual work experience

Moira Shaftoe on how employers developed work experience programmes that focused on intended outcomes, ensuring that they're inclusive for all young people.

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