Opening access to STEM careers at The Big Bang Fair

Jun 13, 2023

With The Big Bang Fair fast approaching, Joanna Cook, Senior HR Business Partner at NaturalMotion, explains how they are planning to excite young visitors with their virtual experience and inspire them to consider a career in their sector.

Booming with activities and interactives, at The Big Bang Fair there is a multitude of opportunities for young people to discover their passions beyond the classroom. However, how can we best channel this enthusiasm towards creating a positive impact on their future in gaming?

Through our ‘Access All areas’ 360o virtual environment experience, young people will navigate through authentic testimonials, experiences, and behind the scenes work, delivered by NaturalMotion role model volunteers. With insightful interviews, personality and skills quizzes, and engaging graphics, students will find themselves immersed in an environment filled with insight for their steps into a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) career. It's a virtual studio tour, brought to life.

Showcasing diversity within STEAM and the Gaming Industry

It’s time to reflect on our wider world in industries and break the barriers of stereotypes. Business outputs can often rely on the experiences of those creating them – so we must enhance diversity within, especially for STEAM. With a shared responsibility to improve representation within gaming, at NaturalMotion we ensure we work towards this goal internally and externally by inspiring our younger generation.

To do this, Access All Areas prioritises diversity. Diversity drives authentic experiences and valuable skills directly into the heart of projects. Throughout the captivating environment, young people will encounter role model volunteers providing insight into their unique journey towards job role success, with the influences of a diverse background.

Young people will be welcomed to travel through these discussions and conversations with the NaturalMotion team with the possibility to find those from similar circumstances to inspire their next steps. From discovering the opportunities for women entering STEAM careers to diving into the abilities and potential of neurodiverse employees – they’ll discover the power and value of their characteristics.

Providing insights on careers in STEAM

Passion for STEAM should be nurtured. The valuable career paths beneath the umbrella of STEAM offer an abundance of opportunities for young people to thrive in their future career. Yet, how can we inspire these next steps?

Access All Areas brings an immersive quality to the classic studio tour. Situated within a high-quality, virtual environment taking inspiration from NaturalMotion studios, users navigate through insights, Q&As, and conversations provided through compelling videos by employees.

Opening up opportunities for young people to discuss specific job roles within a gaming company and their journey towards success in this career, is a vital element. Alternatively, are they requiring a bespoke interactive environment for a personalised experience? Within Access All Areas, they are guided to the opportunity to enter individual skills within a personality quiz, instantly matching the user with relative jobs to inspire their steps towards these roles. The possibilities built within the 3D environment inspire an unmatchable interest for kick-starting a STEM career with an entirely new level of engagement. 

Focusing on careers with an element of fun

Choosing a career is a daunting task, whatever your age. It’s often hard to decide where your skills best lie within a job, especially whilst still working through the education system. Adding the element of fun to choosing a career within the younger generation inspires a much greater idea and desire for what they wish the future to hold.

Through NaturalMotion, the next steps are made clear. Within The Big Bang Fair, young people can walk through a landscape filled with possibility - provided in an exciting learning environment. Ensuring this element of immersion and fun remains throughout processes towards choosing a career is vital - in order to inspire how young people aim to allocate their skills and efforts in their next steps.

Offering something for everyone

We’re really looking forward to taking part in The Big Bang Fair and welcoming young visitors to our Access All Areas stand (B3) for an exciting line-up of activities that engage and inspire. We aim to provide an immersive experience highlighting the importance of STEAM careers and the strong connection between STEAM and gaming.

Whether visitors are an aspiring game designer, a technology enthusiast, or simply curious about the world of STEAM, our stand promises to offer something for everyone.

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