The future of engineering

Nov 7, 2022

By Jenny Karlsson, Senior Marketing Communications Manager at EngineeringUK and project lead for Tomorrow's Engineers Week

Have you ever thought about how engineering will help shape the world? Or which innovations will have the greatest impact? This week, young people from across the UK will be discussing just that – the very people who will be doing these jobs in the future.

I’m so excited to be celebrating the 10th annual Tomorrow's Engineers Week, starting today. This year we are looking ahead and imagining new engineering innovations that could help shape the world in the next 10 years, in particular for the environment, technology, entertainment and sport. In the Future Minds Broadcast, 50 amazing young people are talking about their ideas for the future and asking students from across the UK to do the same.

Being a fly on the wall at the online event earlier this autumn, I was incredibly impressed to hear their innovative suggestions – from rewilding projects to increase diversity and enhancing CGI to create more engaging content, to improving space travel and developing prosthetics to make sport more accessible. I can't wait to hear many more ideas this week.

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week is also about engineers themselves, and their employers, sharing their stories and showing young people just what a creative and fulfilling career engineering is. If that’s you, we would love for you to use #TEWeek22 to share what you do and how it helps shape the world, what you’re doing to inspire the next generation of engineers, or contribute to the Future Minds discussion with your own views about what engineering can help achieve in the next decade. There are toolkits and templates for you to use available on the Tomorrow’s Engineers website.

Having been involved with Tomorrows Engineers Week for several years now, I’m really proud that, since its inception in 2012, hundreds of thousands of young people have taken part in interactive engineering activities as part of the Week, our case study films of engineers have had almost half a million views, and there have been hundreds of millions of social media content views. The success and longevity of the Week is largely because it's a hugely collaborative effort across the industry. This week, we would like everyone to flood social media using #TEWeek22 and shine a light on just how important engineering is, and what varied and creative roles engineers and technicians have. Join us to celebrate all things engineering and excite and inspire the next generation! 

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