Youth Insight team helping shape our work with their views and experience of technology and engineering

Nov 11, 2022

Hi! My name is Sirad Mohamed and I am 13 years old. Growing up, I have enjoyed reading, swimming, and being a member of Hounslow Youth Council as well as being School Councillor. I am also a member of Career Clusters and Young Champions to represent the views of young people and ensure that voices of young people are heard and listened to. 

I have always been interested in engineering, and when I found out about Young Champion’s collaboration with EngineeringUK, I knew that I had to just jump in for the opportunity, because I felt like it was just another amazing opportunity to improve my career opportunities as well as represent young people’s voices at EngineeringUK. I was very excited to get an insight into the engineering industry as a young person and get a flavour of what being an engineer is like. I remember hearing the name at school but it was mostly for the upper year groups (around year 10 and 11), so being able to work with them in year 8 was astounding! 

One of the tasks that I took part in was the ‘Dragons Den Pitch’ where we worked in teams to solve an issue through the usage of technology and present our solutions and findings to the whole of the different teams. 

I personally found the project great, fun to do and useful because it increased my problem solving and creativity skills. Moreover, it also boosted my critical thinking skills and it helped me realise just how advanced technology is becoming, and how engineering is such a big part of our day to day lives.  

However, one of the challenges that I came across but managed to overcome when working with EngineeringUK, was when I was nervous to have my first meeting with them, but when I saw how welcoming they were, it was more of an excitement than a challenge! 

Overall, I think that EngineeringUK has learned young people’s views and experiences of technology and the engineering industry from my work so far. 

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