Acting now will help us attract new talent to engineering

Apr 19, 2021

Hilary blogs for The Engineer April 2021

Every month our Chief Executive, Dr Hilary Leevers writes a blog for The Engineer, on topics, news and issues in the engineering industry.

In this month's blog Hilary talks about how collaboration across industry will help us attract new talent to engineering.

"The arguments for why the engineering community needs to diversify its intake and appeal to more young people, regardless of backgrounds is central to EngineeringUK’s mission. Engineering is a varied, stimulating and important career but we need to work harder than ever to ensure that it’s a career choice that’s accessible for the next generation of young people – not just for their own life chances but so we have a diverse and insightful workforce that enables the UK to thrive.

"Many organisations are already doing important work but there is evidence and widespread agreement that we must work better together to improve the quality, inclusivity, targeting and reach of activities designed to inspire young people into engineering."


Read the rest of the blog on The Engineer website.

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