Anyone for T?

Anyone for T? Awareness of T Levels in England, published in November 2022, combines findings from the Unlocking talent report and the Engineering Brand Monitor and draws on reports from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and National Foundation for Educational Research.

Findings suggest that more needs to be done both for students, parents and employers to raise awareness of T Levels. This is against the backdrop of an estimated shortfall of 43,500 industry placements, a key component for students looking to take up T Levels. 

Given their relatively recent introduction, young people may not be expected to have comprehensive knowledge about T Levels. However, we were surprised to see that the majority (63%) of young people did not know what T Levels were at all. 

Findings indicate for employers, while nearly three quarters (72%) of employers surveyed said that they have heard of T Levels, fewer than a third (28%) told us that they had both heard of them and understand what they involve.

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